Nail Polish Remover
Sofskin Nail Polish Remover comprises a basic feature of enriched conditioner with Gelatin to remove nail polish and coloured paint.
Gives smoothness/glossiness to nails.
The ingredient non-aqueous cleaner composition in liquid form is well suited for removing finger nail polish.
With healthy and adaptable elements that are smear proof and fast acting, Sofskin Nail Polish Remover acts as a potion for healthy nails.
The liquid form suits all nail types.
Approved by internationally recognised bureaus for quality standards.
Made for easy and safe application.
With fragrance, the liquid is also smooth to apply and comprises the characteristic of retaining smoothness of nails.
Sofskin has undergone evaluation process for safety and effectiveness.
Sofskin Nail Polish Remover comes in different colour, shapes and weight for easy application, availability and choice viz. 235 ml., 118ml.
8 fl. Oz.
(235 ml.)
8 fl. Oz.
(235 ml.)